December 5 – Steven Goldman – Sports Round Up


Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. It’s about time Not Just Sports gave Major League Baseball some air time to talk about the best and worst off-season player signings and where the dust has settled with the new team managers.  Who better to bring us up to date than Steven Goldman, feature MLB writer …

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September 27 – Steven Goldman – Amy Bush

Amy Bush

Thursday, September 27th, Not Just Sports talks MLB with regular Steven Goldman and golf with Amy Bush. Amy Bush is the head coach of UNLV’s women’s golf team. She currently is in her second year as head coach. So far this year the team has had an outstanding win-loss record. …

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September 20 – Steven Goldman – Jon Abbate

Jon Abbate

Thursday September 20th, Not Just Sports gets up to date MLB information from Steven Goldman and Gridiron Great avid supporter and former NFL Linebacker, Jon Abbate will also join us. Jon Abbate played for Wake Forest and went on to a rather short career as an NFL linebacker. Jon has …

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Sept. 12 – Cindy Frederick – Ali Peek – Steven Goldman


Wednesday September 12th, Not Just Sports has two of our regulars, Steven Goldman and Ali Peek, providing the latest info on MLB and College Football, and Cindy Frederick, UNLV’s women’s volleyball coach. Cindy has been a very successful volleyball coach no matter what College program she has coached. She came …

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September – 5 – Steven Goldman – Susan T Spencer

Wednesday September 5th, 2012. Today MLB is our focus as major league baseball has just a few weeks left (ends October 3rd) in the regular season. Our baseball expert, Steven Goldman, sheds lots of light on the teams that are likely to make the playoffs. September – 5 – Steven …

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August 29 – Brad Hess – Steven Goldman

Brad Hess LV-Indoor-Skydiving-Photo

Wednesday August 29th, 2012. Not Just Sports talked about the Dodger’s trade with MLB guru Steven Goldman and indoor Skydiving in Las Vegas, with GM Brad Hess. It’s an exciting activity and one that is safe but cool. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save) …

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August 22 – Steven Goldman – Not Just Sports

Wednesday August 22nd, 2012. Not Just Sports talks with Steven Goldman, our MLB baseball expert, about the pennant races across the country…and who’s hot and who’s not. Podcast Powered By Podbean Download this episode (right click and save)

August 8 – Chef Megan Romano – Steven Goldman – Not Just Sports


Wednesday August 8th, 2012. Not Just Sports Guests August 8 – Chef Megan Romano – Steven Goldman – Not Just Sports Talented Chef and entrepreneur Megan Romano joined the show and brought along some incredible chocolate candy which Lance called “salty chocolate balls.” Steven Goldman also joined in and reviewed …

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August 1 – Steven Goldman – Vernon Fox

Vernon Fox

August 1 – Steven Goldman – Vernon Fox Wednesday August 1st, 2012. Not Just Sports features Steven Goldman our MLB expert and former NFL player and Las Vegas native Vernon Fox. Steven Goldman can be reached via Twitter at GOStevenGoldman . Vernon Fox played safety for several teams in the …

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July 18 – Steven Goldman – Steve Stallworth

steve stallworth

Wednesday July 18th, 2012. Our regular MLB guru Steven Goldman talks about his current favorite pics for the World Series and Steve Stallworth talks football and stadium building with Lance and Susan.  Not Just Sports – July 18 – Steven Goldman – Steve Stallworth Steve Stallworth, a former UNLV Quarterback …

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